As for the special New Year’s food dish in 2010, do you want to enjoy the runup?

It has become a season when hands and feet get cold even if quiet.
The sunbeam of the sun is a shadow of the cloud and a season in Japan
when the serotonin and the amount of the pleasure material decrease
coming in succession with the coming in autumn and it wants to pay
attention to the amounts such as the vitamins and minerals.
The test problem was made at the interesting time received in the
life of every day.

Let’s make to it warm at such a season, and solve the test problem at
The problem is a multiple choice question. It chooses from among as

1)Is it [kurenakuchaitazurasuruzo] as for sweets?Light [shite] and
immediate neighbors of the candle ..door.. greet it turning over the
Trick or treat pumpkin.
What meaning will you show?
B.Greeting to person met for the first time

2)Is sweets wrapped and the bedroom?
Phrase that flits at the last minutes that wraps and uses gift.
I might sometimes be surprised in the daily conversation to become
accustomed and familiar.
What meaning will you show?
A.It is not necessary to wrap it.
B.I want you to wrap it.

Now, the element to which it pays attention is vitamin B1.
The mind and body’s tiredness is removed when characterizing. The
heart’s performance is kept normal. Because it is weak to the water
solubility heating
One device in cooking. Moreover, the onion. Garlic. [Ariashin]
included in the leek etc. improves vitamin B1 absorption. When sake
and sugar are taken too much, it takes it.
The ingredient that contains a lot of vitamins B1 is a pork
medallion. Pig peach meat. [Bonresuhamu]. Eel. Brown rice. Soybean etc.
Functions of the peripheral nerves of the central nerve and hands and
feet with the brain are kept normal with a necessary, indispensable
vitamin in the resolution of the glucidic.
When vitamin B1 is insufficient, the resolution of the glucidic
doesn’t go well, it becomes easy to become tired, and concentration
becomes impossible to continue it. Because it is likely to develop
into beriberi ([kakke]) and cardiac infarction, the vitamin to be
vaccinated positively.
The mind and body’s tiredness is removed.
As for vitamin B1, the frog supports the water solubility glucidic
into energy by the nutritional content that keeps the heart’s
performance normal.

~Countries of education that knows more in autumn when it wants to
harvest effort?

Republic of Finland, Kingdom of Norway, [sweden] kingdom, and
Kingdom of Denmark
Scandinavian countries known by height of academic level of the
eminent world. Many of children enter the reception class such as the
kindergartens before it enters the compulsory education course. A lot
at taking the outdoors education that plays freely in the forest even
if it knows the importance of nature in the kindergarten. The real
face of Northern Europe will be asked when it is Northern Europe
where environmental education is valued and be gotten. In the
classroom in the elementary school in Finland, the teacher of the
following post is keeping from besides the charge who teaches it with
the platform. This seems to be due to the caring educational concept
at the stage where individual child’s understanding level is
understood, and the class is early the child should not... Moreover,
Judge it is daily requested from children. It is because of based
on the idea that only [chikara] judged by oneself helps oneself.
When all are national, and it graduates, the university can acquire
the Master’s degree though school expenses have been financed
everything by the tax, and have never borne tuition, and seem to have
entered a university and a technological special school that is the
higher education organization from the elementary school to the
university by hope after it graduates.
The very difficulty, and requiring for six years or more to graduate
by graduation probably because of are not unusual either. Northern
Europe story

Busboy →
Subordinated existence of the steward and the steward who does a
table of the settlement in the under and new [te-burusetteingu] as a
waitress is a busboy the order is taken and the dish is spread in the
haute restaurant.

Association of spreading a table →
Dispatch trader who sends worker to hotel banquet and restaurant.
Registration is accepted from the permanent part-timer and the
student, etc. , and the request of the hotel side is received and
sent. It is an organization that is the close relation to the hotel.

Peony → of elevator
The [kawatoriko] conduction of man’s skin is used in the button of
the elevator at the hotel and a lot of things of drinking are not
perceived for the person etc. of the artificial arm. The
consideration improvement on such a facilities side is requested.

- Food * bijou story →
Before one is aware, the story that started last year :. 「It
knows. Are sweets made often?」It is called.
These story facilities say to in the hotel and the resort facilities
full-blown in a recent metropolitan area that popularity in the
culture classroom from the evening is also terrible.
The challenge that gets warm for one year and polishes the education
with the mind and body starts from * food * bijou story that started
by play [gokoro] one year ago.

Cooperation: [Sukanjinabiairumusu] (Ishikawa Prefecture Kanazawa city)

should? made to autumn when the effort is harvested, the this coming
fallThe next column becomes appearance in November with an opening
answer match.