Today, a state of emergency was declared for 7 prefectures seriously affected by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), including Tokyo.

Cases of the Novel Coronavirus are also increasing in quick succession within Fukui Prefecture. Many cases here have emerged from restaurants and drinking establishments, and then spread though workplaces and families. We are currently on the verge of declaring a state of emergency.

Due to this, we ask the following of all residents of Fukui Prefecture:

  • Continue to take measures to prevent infection as advised previously.
  • Do not go outside except for essential travel on weekends or weekday nights, monitor your health, and avoid the “3 Cs” (closed spaces, crowds, and conversations in close proximity).
  • We advise employers to rethink workplace policies.
  • Implement measures to reduce chances of infection, including switching to work from home when possible.
  • We advise stores to implement policies to reduce infection.
  • For example, handing out numbered tickets to customers to prevent crowds.
  • Prevent against infections between family members and others living together
  • If a family member is ill, isolate their living space and shared items and disinfect bathrooms and other shared spaces.
  • Advise and instruct  those coming to Fukui of the current advisories and prevention measures.

Tatsuji Sugimoto, Governor of Fukui

April 7th, 2020

■Fukui Novel Coronavirus Consultation desk

Fukui-city Health Center (Fukui-city)


Fukui Health and Welfare Center(Eiheiji-cho)


Sakai Health and Welfare Center(Sakai-city/Awara-city)


Okuetsu Health and Welfare Center(Ono-city/Katsuyama-city)


Tanan Health and Welfare Center(Echizen-city/Sabae-city/Echizen-cho/Minamiechizen-cho/Ikeda-cho)


Nishu Health and Welfare Center (Tsuruga-city/Mihama-cho/Wakasa-cho(Mikata))


Wakasa Health and Welfare Center (Obama-city/Oi-cho/Takahama-cho/Wakasa-cho(Kaminaka))



■A request to Fukui Residents regarding the Novel Coronavirus

We ask for your cooperation to take everyday precautions to prevent an outbreak or spread in Fukui.

Wash your hands regularly, practice cough etiquette, and wear a mask when going outside.

If you have fever and cold symptoms, take off from work or school.

If you have cold symptoms or feel feverish, record your temperature every day.

If you are worried you may be infected, please take the following symptoms as a reference as symptoms that indicate the possibility of Coronavirus infection:

Those with cold symptoms or a fever 37.5°C or higher that lasts for 4 days or more

Those feeling strong symptoms of sluggishness (fatigue) or difficulty (labored) breathing

The elderly, those with an existing health condition such as diabetes, or pregnant women with fever symptoms that last 2 days or more

Those that meet the above conditions should first call their nearest prefectural medical consultation center. If you are instructed to go to a medical institution, wear a mask when going hospital.